Top Ten A Tale of Two Yachts

Blohan and Elle Macpherson were both spotted on separate yachts in Sardinia this week. It’s insane to think that Elle is 22-years older than Lindsay and yet her body looks like that of a 20-year-old. And we really don’t mind if Elle romped around in a bikini aboard a yacht into her sixties for how […]

Top 10 Celebrities Over 40 With [Surprisingly] Enviable Beach Bodies:

10. Robin Williams: Even though he is a dinosaur, it’s considerably surprising that Robin Williams has a pretty decent physique for someone his age. Although he’s not as fit as he was at the prime of his career, such as in “Jamanji,” we’d like to give him mad props for looking better than most dudes […]

Jane Seymour 62 and in a Bikini

Jane Seymour mad an appearance in Closer Magazine where she wore nothing but a pink bikini, showing off her 62 year old body. She has four children and claims to be in better shape than when she was doing Live and Let Die in 1973. She says her body is thanks to being active. Going […]