Lord Kanye is being sued over LAX pap scuffle- Videographer being represented by Gloria Allred

Back in mid-July, Lord Kanye West, ruler of all lands and sexer of Kardashian ass, was involved in a ‘scuffle’ with a videographer at LAX. The LA County District Attorney investigated the incident and declined to file felony charges, so the videographer is now filing a lawsuit- and is being represented by Gloria Allred. Word […]

It’s Only Rock N Roll, But I Like It

Slash’s Wife, who I don’t know anything about and you probably don’t either, just got ten thousand times cooler in my book and though I know fuck all about her, just being Slash’s wife kinda bumps her up on the scale, you know?  Anyways, it’s seems things got all rock ‘n’ roll backstage at an […]