Hailey Baldwin Justin Bieber Calvin Klein

The New Calvin Klein Campaign is Shit

  Calvin Klien has been getting increasingly distasteful in both the clothes they’re making – wtf is the weird gucci looking logo bring on these sets? – and the casting of their campaigns. Like last years Kardashian Klan with the extreme photoshopping of the girls, here’s a shot lacking some editing.… Pulling in the mom […]

Kendall Jenner Reserved Erotica

Kendall Jenner Channels something in this new Campaign..

Kendall Jenner, the one girl in the Kardashian Klan who some how missed the memo about “naturally growing a huge ass at puberty” and went the skinny traditional model route, was hired by Polish retail brand Reserved to star in their new campaign. Kendall wears different wigs and lingerie throughout the 2 minute long video […]

Gigi Hadid Attacking Fashion Week Prankster Youtuber

Gigi Hadid Attacks Fashion Week Crasher

A YouTuber crashed the Chanel catwalk during Paris Fashion Week, the girl calls it a “tribute” but its pretty much just a troll. Basically she jumps up onto the catwalk in her classic Chanel tweed skirt suit and her fugly little hat, prances down the cat walk until she runs into Gigi Hadid, who has […]

Jessica Simpson’s Spanx Are Working Overtime

For some reason, Jessica Simpson is still under contract with Weight Watchers even though last time she advocated their services after having her first child, she seemingly didn’t lose much weight and was continuously scrutinized for being their spokesperson. However, another child later and they’re still trying to hustle Jessica out to the masses. Jessica […]

Top 10 Most Over Rated Models:

10. Jessica Hart: The model that told Taylor Swift she wasn’t good enough for the 2013 Victoria Secret fashion show may have an enviable physique, however that’s seemingly all she has going for her considering she’s sort of a butter face and has an ugly personality. The kind of Australian girl who either makes public […]

Terry Richardson Will Make You Famous

I bet his penis is long, thin and red like a dogs. I can’t just tell. Years of experience I guess. There’s been rumors floating around forever that photographer Terry Richardson is a complete pervert, a lot of which you can read about here, but thanks to the internet we know have stone cold evidence. […]

V Magazine’s Who Cares About Age Covers

V Magazine did a who cares about age issue and they cast 3 celebs over 60 to be the covers, those celebs were Jane Fonda, Susan Sarandon and Sigourney Weaver and they didn’t get them naked, which is something I would have expected them to do to stay edgy for fashion…. Not that I would […]