Taylor Swift Needs to “Tear Down This Wall!”

Because she doesn’t just like tormenting people with her love songs, Taylor Swift continued her reign of terror in Westerly Rhode Island by constructing a giant brigade that separates her mansion from the public beach alone. Girl is that concerned about trespassing, perhaps because her notorious “I Knew You Were Trouble When You Walked In” […]

Simon Cowell Needs to Put That Away:

Simon Cowell was seen in Barbados this week rocking nothing but pair of white shorts, and boy do we regret him doing so. Seen romping around the beach like he’s the hot shit, the 54-year-old put his hairy pecks on display for the entire world. Can someone please get this man a chest wax so […]

BREAKING: Kim and Kanye Indulge In S’mores:

Fucking seriously? Is this legitimately the best news you have to offer? Daily Mail reports that Kim and Kanye were seen eating s’mores together by a damn CAMPFIRE in Utah this Sunday. And if that isn’t shocking enough then the observation that this is photographic proof that Kim as deviated from her diet in the […]

John Mayer May Propose to Katy Kat:

For those of us who didn’t know, Katy Perry and John Mayer have been bumping uglies for several months now, and have collaborated on some pretty shitty music already. It is obvious that the two are madly in lust, or at least Katy has been able to keep John Mayer interested with her huge tits, […]

True Love DOES Exist:

Although they announced a separation in August, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones were seen together wearing their wedding rings this weekend. The couple had announced their separation this fall, but since then Michael Douglas has hinted towards a reconciliation in the works in many recent interviews, according to Daily Mail. As if none of that […]