5 PR Stunt Suggestions for Tila Tequila

  In case you hadn’t heard, annual winner of the “She’s Still Alive?” award Tila Tequila forced her way back into the public consciousness by posting some pretty much insane Facebook statuses sympathizing with Hitler and saying Paul Walker’s death was a ritual murder. Let that simmer. I get it, Ms. Tequila felt she was […]

Thank F#$@ing God

Because The Kardashian’s don’t already feel like they have their stupid name on enough poorly designed and even more poorly manufactured products and things, someone (Pimp Momma K) decided it would be a good idea to try and dedicated and ENTIRE FUCKING MAGAZINE dedicated to these assholes. Apparently because these Kunts aren’t tired of seeing […]

Kris Jenner Really Knows How to Stick It In and Break It Off

It’s no secret that Kris Jenner is a money grubbing bitch that will pretty much make her and her family do any god damn thing that will keep them on TV and the money rolling in (keep an eye out for Kylie and Kendall Visit the Gynecologist next season on E!) so when I read […]

American Chopper Drama/Jesse James Clings to Fame With Desperation

You know what used to be awesome about American Chopper? When they used to actually build motorcycles on the show. Yeah they still build bikes kinda, but the show seems to focus on watching Father Gorilla and Son Gorilla arguing while Mikey sits with his head in his hands to tries to distance himself from […]