5 PR Stunt Suggestions for Tila Tequila

  In case you hadn’t heard, annual winner of the “She’s Still Alive?” award Tila Tequila forced her way back into the public consciousness by posting some pretty much insane Facebook statuses sympathizing with Hitler and saying Paul Walker’s death was a ritual murder. Let that simmer. I get it, Ms. Tequila felt she was […]

Jennifer Aniston Sounds Like a Wonderful Employer…

Word on the street is that Jennifer Aniston is being sued by J.R. Darnall Associates, Inc, a contracting company, for unpaid work to the tune of $43,710. Apparently, they were hired to build a cement deck and stairs for Aniston’s home to be finished by March 22nd 2013, because she wanted it done for a party on […]

Is This the End?

If you ask me (and you didn’t, but you’re here so you get hear anyway!) Nadya Soleman’s 15 Minutes of fame has lasted 14 minutes too long but I take a small amount of gratification in the fact that the lengths she has gone to to stay in the public eye have steadily become more […]

Because George Luca Didn’t Already Ruin Star Wars Enough Already

You know know what George Lucas needs to make his New Years resolution? WRITE ANOTHER GOD DAMNED MOVIE and stop ruining one of the two series he was responsible for during his career From http://www.usmagazine.com The holiday episode, which airs next Tuesday, will feature one of the show’s most surprising guest stars ever: Chewbacca from […]

Miss USA Has Some Explaining to Do

I’m not one to tell people what to do, and I sure as shit don’t believe in this whole celebrities are role models thing (with some notable exceptions) but drunk driving pisses me off completely. Its a stupid irresponsible lack of judgement and people should really just know better. You wanna endanger your own life, […]

Dexter Haywood: X Factor is Rigged Us: No Shit

So the guy who had pretty much the shittiest voice out of any of the X-Factor contestants and was subsequently eliminated has decided to extend his 15 seconds of fame to 20 or 25 by flapping his gums to anyone who will listen. I’ve actually been watching the X-Factor and I have no problem saying […]

Sometimes I Want to Punch Artists in the Face

From http://www.geekologie.com via a bunch of other people As part of an art experiment that was set to blur the line between species a woman named Marion Laval-Jeantet decided to inject herself with horse plasma.  She is half of the French art duo called “Art Oriente ojet” (who you can check out here).  She could […]

Is This Thing On?

A pilot from Southwest caught a case of the whoopsies after he realized his mic had been left on and air traffic control listened to his 3 minute rant about hating gays and how none of the flight attendants were fuckable in his eyes. My father is actually a pilot and informed me that the […]