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The New Calvin Klein Campaign is Shit

  Calvin Klien has been getting increasingly distasteful in both the clothes they’re making – wtf is the weird gucci looking logo bring on these sets? – and the casting of their campaigns. Like last years Kardashian Klan with the extreme photoshopping of the girls, here’s a shot lacking some editing.… Pulling in the mom […]

Top Ten ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS bucket challenge is a viral internet campaign that so far has raised over $15.6 million for the ALS Association that researches Lou Gehrig’s disease. More and more celebrities are being nominated and more and more of them are accepting the challenge and posting them on social media websites. We picked out the best so you didn’t have to. (Please Note: Of course Beiber didn’t make the list) Read more about Top Ten ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Selena Gomez Continues Her Cradle Snatchin’ Ways

According to Daily Mail, Selena Gomez’s rebound from Justin Bieber is none other than a 17-year-old singer, named Austin Mahone. The rumored couple was said to be set-up by Selena’s fellow cradle-snatchin’ bestie, Taylor Swift. Coincidentally, Austin Mahone is often compared to Justin Bieber in terms of their similar musical styles. Via Daily Mail, “‘They’re […]

Chantel Jeffries is Out $20,000

Because Chantel Jeffries is already a pro at demonstrating what failed gold-digging should look like, now she’s showing how to execute the tasks of a failed gold-digger, and boy, is she on point. Daily Mail reported that Justin Bieber’s “bad girl,” Chantel Jeffries, the one who was in the passenger seat of Justin’s Lamborghini when […]

Dear Canada, You Can Have This Back.

Dear Canada, First we’d like to thank you for giving us so many great things through out the years, such as hockey, DrunkenStepfather.com, and air hockey tables. However, we do have a bone to pick with you on one small matter- that being one of your citizens, named Justin Bieber. We understand completely that you’d […]

Top 10 Weekend

10. Kendall Jenner’s Ass is Still in the Negatives: Kendall and Kim posted a selfie of themselves posing at the gym on Instagram this Friday, and it goes to show that Kim got all the ass genes in the family pool, while poor Kendall was left with none. Still trying to pop dat nonexistent-ass, however, […]