Top Ten Kim’s Booty Is In Remission

Kim Kardashian spontaneously went on a Twitter rant about how fat her ass is today, as if that needed any more publication. Then she romped around town wearing a Yeezy ass-veil because of this newly founded self-consciousness. Okay, Kim. How about you just give that big ass of yours a rest and SIT down. Here’s Top Ten Kim’s Booty Is In Remission.

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Top Ten When North West’s Face Says It All

The Kardashian family created quite the spectacle today by romping around Paris in a number of rough fashion ensembles. The Kardashian family’s toughest fashion critic is none other than baby North West, who looked extra pissed to be seen with the group since they made her dress up to match her mom’s outfit. Here’s Top […]

Kim K Wants to Be Nori’s Kris Jenner

Because the Kardashians are hereditary fame whores, it is natural that Kim Kardashian would seek to provoke their natural instinct by exposing North West to the spot light early on in life. Daily Mail reports that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are already fighting over whether or not North should appear on episodes of her […]

Kanye debuted the first photo of North West on Kris Jenner’s talk show…and he also talks like a fancy person now.

Welp, there she is. North West, the spawn of Kimye. Made by Kim Kardashian, her comically huge ass, and Kanye West and his ego, all bumping their parts together. She’s nothing special- she pretty much looks like a normal baby that resembles her parents, as one would expect. Although, I was actually expecting her to […]