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The New Calvin Klein Campaign is Shit

  Calvin Klien has been getting increasingly distasteful in both the clothes they’re making – wtf is the weird gucci looking logo bring on these sets? – and the casting of their campaigns. Like last years Kardashian Klan with the extreme photoshopping of the girls, here’s a shot lacking some editing.… Pulling in the mom […]

Top Ten Kim’s Booty Is In Remission

Kim Kardashian spontaneously went on a Twitter rant about how fat her ass is today, as if that needed any more publication. Then she romped around town wearing a Yeezy ass-veil because of this newly founded self-consciousness. Okay, Kim. How about you just give that big ass of yours a rest and SIT down. Here’s Top Ten Kim’s Booty Is In Remission.

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Let’s Not.

Because Kim Kardashian is insistent in showing us exactly what we don’t want to see, she posted this picture on Instagram today. The picture was intended as a birthday wish for her friend Riccardo Tisci (seen: below), as she captioned the photograph: “‘I love you soooo much!!! Can’t wait to celebrate with you tonight!!!!’” She […]

Top Ten Kim’s One Night In Paris

Kim Kardashian hosted a private party on the Eiffel Tower last night and it was rumored that she and her guests guzzled a total of FIFTEEN bottles of champagne during the event. Naturally, because her stylist is a complete d***, Kim was dressed horrendously. If you’re wondering what else went down at the shindig, it […]

Top Ten Things That Could Ruin Kimye’s Wedding

According to sources, Kim Kardashian is becoming increasingly anxious about her upcoming marriage to Kanye West. Their special day could be ruined by a number of different factors. Kim is primarily concerned over the weather forecast, “I hope the rain doesn’t ruin my wedding…This weather has to get better. Spring in Paris is meant to […]

Top Ten When North West’s Face Says It All

The Kardashian family created quite the spectacle today by romping around Paris in a number of rough fashion ensembles. The Kardashian family’s toughest fashion critic is none other than baby North West, who looked extra pissed to be seen with the group since they made her dress up to match her mom’s outfit. Here’s Top […]