Top Ten When North West’s Face Says It All

The Kardashian family created quite the spectacle today by romping around Paris in a number of rough fashion ensembles. The Kardashian family’s toughest fashion critic is none other than baby North West, who looked extra pissed to be seen with the group since they made her dress up to match her mom’s outfit. Here’s Top […]

Top Ten Bruce Jenner Is a Lady Now

In case you didn’t hear, Bruce Jenner quit Keeping Up With the Kardashians even though the show’s contract was renewed again by E!, making the Kardashians $40 million richer. Meanwhile, as you may have noticed, that when Bruce Jenner has been seen since his separation to long-time wife, Kris Jenner, he has been looking recognizably more […]

Kim K Wants to Be Nori’s Kris Jenner

Because the Kardashians are hereditary fame whores, it is natural that Kim Kardashian would seek to provoke their natural instinct by exposing North West to the spot light early on in life. Daily Mail reports that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are already fighting over whether or not North should appear on episodes of her […]

Yo Kim, You Got Some Baby On Your Selfie.

Today Kim posted this selfie of her and her daughter Knorth West to Instagram, that was more a tribute to her signature selfie duck-face than it was a snap of a tender moment between mother and daughter. It looks as if North’s face was either cropped out of the picture, or her mom strategically avoided […]

What If Celebs Were One of Us?

A team of designers sought out to make realistic depictions of what celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and Tom Cruise would look like sans fame. The article, posted by Daily Mail, contains some thoroughly convincing results. Scroll down to see their depictions! Kim Kardashian loses her famous glow, and grows some bushy brows:    Rihanna […]

Top 10 Weekend

10. Kendall Jenner’s Ass is Still in the Negatives: Kendall and Kim posted a selfie of themselves posing at the gym on Instagram this Friday, and it goes to show that Kim got all the ass genes in the family pool, while poor Kendall was left with none. Still trying to pop dat nonexistent-ass, however, […]

Kimmy K Makes It Rain Benjamins

Because Kim Kardashian is a retired porn-star with a big ‘ol ghetto booty, she has some money in the bank. And although it seems like she is still a tight-wad with no soul, she dabbled in generosity yesterday when a valet drove her car up for her and she tipped him $100 cash. This riveting […]