Top Ten Remembering Bruce and Kris Jenner


We’re sorry in advance that our Top Ten stories have resorted to this, but when celebrity gossip news is slow, you gotta do what you gotta do.

It is a dark day for Keeping Up With the Kardashians fans worldwide, as Kris Jenner has officially filed for divorce from Bruce Jenner after nearly twenty-three years of marriage together. In honor of their failed marriage, (or more so just an excuse to write about the man of all men that is Bruce Jenner), we have collected a series of photographs that highlight the pair’s happier times together. Read more about Top Ten Remembering Bruce and Kris Jenner

Top Ten Things That Could Ruin Kimye’s Wedding

According to sources, Kim Kardashian is becoming increasingly anxious about her upcoming marriage to Kanye West. Their special day could be ruined by a number of different factors. Kim is primarily concerned over the weather forecast, “I hope the rain doesn’t ruin my wedding…This weather has to get better. Spring in Paris is meant to […]

Top Ten Bruce Jenner Is a Lady Now

In case you didn’t hear, Bruce Jenner quit Keeping Up With the Kardashians even though the show’s contract was renewed again by E!, making the Kardashians $40 million richer. Meanwhile, as you may have noticed, that when Bruce Jenner has been seen since his separation to long-time wife, Kris Jenner, he has been looking recognizably more […]

Kris Jenner is Still an Evil Betch

For those of us who were formally in love with Robert Kardashian, circa KUWK season 1 and 2, it’s difficult to accept the circumstances that we have to work with as of now. Rob has increasingly become increasingly heavier upon breaking up with Def Records signed-singer, Rita Ora, as of last year. It’s apparent that […]