Top Ten ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS bucket challenge is a viral internet campaign that so far has raised over $15.6 million for the ALS Association that researches Lou Gehrig’s disease. More and more celebrities are being nominated and more and more of them are accepting the challenge and posting them on social media websites. We picked out the best so you didn’t have to. (Please Note: Of course Beiber didn’t make the list) Read more about Top Ten ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Top Ten Lady Gaga Is Officially Washed-Up


Because Lady Gaga is forever stuck in the year 2008, we’d like to remind her that we’re all quite exhausted over her attempts to stay relevant by means of ridiculous outfits, busted wigs, and mediocre performances. It’s clear that Lady Gaga no longer has the body she once attained, and well, we all know her face has never been too easy on the eyes. So here’s a reminder of what we’re dealing with in the year 2014.

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Lady Gaga’s VMAs Performance: A Story of Wigs and Unitards Told in Gifs

Lady Gaga also performed at the VMAs last night, with her weird performance culminating in her getting nearly naked, in some sort of mermaid thong and bra, as shown above. I could go my usual route of talking about how Lady Gaga is an unattractive try-hard, who does over-the-top weird things to get attention and […]

Lady Gaga Gets Topless & Looks Like She’s in ‘Spinal Tap’ for V Magazine

I just came across these photos of Lady Gaga for V Magazine. Lately, I’ve been thinking ‘KILL IT WITH FIRE‘ every time that I see Gaga, and I really wish she’d stop trying to show us her lady bits. These photos aren’t horrible. However, if I never had to see a photo spread of Gaga […]