Annnnnnnnd We’re Back

It never ceases to amaze me how fast Holiday situations seem to deteriorate. One minute everything is all festive and civilized and the next, it’s a family Christmas cage fight and you are alone drunk at a highway rest stop at 9am the on December 26th. That being said, we are easing into things slowly […]

LOL Cats Make Life Better

I have had a shit storm this week that I won’t bother getting into here because I’m sure you could care less and dont feel bad about that because if I was you, I wouldn’t careabout me either. So here is a cat video, because cats are easy, they loving, they make me laugh, they […]

Golf With Will Ferrell Sounds Kinda Awesome

So apparently Will Ferrell does a charity golf…thing…every once and awhile called the Will Powered Golf Classic (sidenote: best name ever) and decided to post an FAQ sing for anyone who had outstanding questions about rules and/or etiquette when golfing alongside him.  I don’t play golf but I assure you if I did, it would […]