Top Ten Blohan Was Schwasted Last Night

Seen above wearing a dress that looks like it was salvaged half-way through a paper shredder, Blohan has clearly relapsed during her stay in the South of France for the Cannes Movie Festival this week. Even more reason to believe hat she’s hit the bottle again? We’ll give you ten. Here’s Top Ten Blohan Was […]

Lohan Goes From Sticky Fingers to Butter Fingers

If there’s one thing we know for sure about Lindsay Lohan, it’s that she is a hardcore kleptomaniac. Girl should be accompanied by a cop at all times to make sure she can keep her hands in her damn pockets when out in public, because her fingers are stickier than if she dipped her hands […]

Guess what, guys?! Its already that time when Lindsay Lohan is making bad decisions again…

Ohhh Lindsay. Just the other day I wrote about how Oprah may have voodoo-magic-ed faith into me that you might do things differently this time, for your 100th chance to change, which was a very hard thing for me to admit. Now I am regretting all that writing I did, because you are already making […]

I hate to say it, but, I might be kinda, sorta rooting for Lindsay…

So, as you may know, Lindsay Lohan’s big post-rehab interview with Oprah aired last night. After the last post I did on her (which maybe wasn’t really that nice), I hate to admit it, but….ugh, it seems like maybe this time is different- and I might be kinda sorta rooting for her. (BLERG. KILL ME […]

Interview With John DeFazio, Cinematographer on The Canyons

My friend (and one of my favorite film bloggers), Chris McKittrick, has a great interview up with John DeFazio, cinematographer on The Canyons, over on his site Movie Buzzers. Sidenote: Chris once mentioned me in a review for a movie I was only in for like 3 minutes. He called me one of ‘the most subtly cleavagy nurses in movie […]