Top Ten Worst Vogue Covers “OF ALL TIME!!!”

  Because Anna Wintour really knows how to pick ’em- here are top ten celebrities that probably should have never graced the cover of Vogue, and that have the bad sales to prove it. 10. Nicole Kidman: It’s a given that Nicole Kidman knows how to sell magazines, and pretty much anything else. But this […]

Top Ten Best Dressed Ladies of the Oscars 2014

Can you imagine the Oscars without the glitz and glamor? We sure as hell can’t. Sometimes it’s the only thing that keeps the rewards ceremony remotely interesting what with all the long rambling acceptance speeches, and bulls*** categories you’re forced to watch, because they save all the good ones for the very end. That is […]

Top Ten Jonah Hill Shouldn’t Win an Oscar

Because Hollywood is a betch, comedians like Jonah Hill, who was recently nominated for an Oscar for his role in the Wolf of Wall Street, are often typecast into roles that producers know audiences like to see, and seldom get the opportunity to explore any other types of acting. That is why it draws such a […]

Top Ten You Wanna F*** Alec Baldwin’s Wife

For those of you who didn’t know, Alec Baldwin has a pretty sexy wife who is a yoga instructor that maintains an amazing body even after giving birth to Baldwin’s baby. She is constantly uploading pictures of herself on Instagram performing intricate yoga poses that showcase her amazing figure. Here are ten shots that will […]

Top Ten Shirley Temple Was a Total Babe

In tribute of Shirley Temple, who passed away Monday night at roughly 11pm of natural causes, we have collected some of the most telling photographs of how beautiful of a woman she really was. Rest easy, Shirley. 10. In case you didn’t know, Shirley Temple grew up to be one lovely lady:  9. She was […]

Top Ten Weekend

Overall, it’s been a slow week in celebrity gossip. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t embrace the little that has happened. Here’s Top Ten Weekend.   10. Mariah Carey Lets It All Hang Loose: Mariah Carey wore this little number to the BET Awards this Saturday. We’re convinced that there’s not enough fashion tap to fix this mess. 9. […]

Top 10 This Is Going To Be the Jankiest Winter Olympics Ever

With the winter olympics just around the corner, it is about time that journalists from around the world venture to Russia for the games, where they are expected to stay in the finest of hotels that Sochi has to offer. Well, apparently that’s a lofty expectation, so perhaps we should all lower our collective expectations […]

What If Celebs Were One of Us?

A team of designers sought out to make realistic depictions of what celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and Tom Cruise would look like sans fame. The article, posted by Daily Mail, contains some thoroughly convincing results. Scroll down to see their depictions! Kim Kardashian loses her famous glow, and grows some bushy brows:    Rihanna […]