Top Ten Miley’s Expletive Rant

We love it when stars get so incoherently schwasted that they rant about their dysfunctional relationship with their (much-hotter) ex-boyfriends while on stage with thousands of spectators during a sold out performance. So we’re really pleased to hear that Miley Cyrus not only stepped up to the plate and did exactly that during a performance […]

For The Guys: Because I am not going to write another post about Miley, and also because JESUS CHRIST Adriana Lima.

Because we all need a distraction from the disgusting Miley Cyrus stuff that we will never be able to un-see, let’s use Adriana Lima and her hotness to try and bleach our brains! I literally cannot imagine a person being hotter than Adriana Lima. In my mind, she is the end all, be all for […]