Top Ten Miley’s Expletive Rant

We love it when stars get so incoherently schwasted that they rant about their dysfunctional relationship with their (much-hotter) ex-boyfriends while on stage with thousands of spectators during a sold out performance. So we’re really pleased to hear that Miley Cyrus not only stepped up to the plate and did exactly that during a performance […]

Miley Cyrus and Cara Delevingne Swap Spit:

Here’s a picture posted to Miley Cyrus’s Instagram account as another desperate plea for attention. As into girl-on-girl make-out sessions I am, I am a little disturbed by this picture. And no, it’s not because of the shitty rainbow graphic that was so haphazardly placed. It’s because Miley Cyrus’s tongue is all sorts of nursty […]

Miley Cyrus Has Decided To Fly Under The Radar For A While After Embarrassing Herself At The VMAs- Oh Wait, Just Kidding!

[wzslider transition=”‘slide’”] Since Sunday’s VMA tragedy, Miley Cyrus has posted the two photos above to her Instagram. The entire world is calling her out for her trashy performance, complete with idiotic, bad dancing– but no one can stop Miley from doing what Miley does! Girl is owning her trashy, try-too-hard persona. At least she is […]

Yes, Miley’s VMA performance was horrifying…and I am about to go all ‘dancer’ on you guys to tell you why.

Get More: 2013 VMA, Artists.MTV, Music, Miley Cyrus The best part of her performance? The celeb-audience-reactions of confusion and horror.   If you haven’t seen it, that is the video of her performance above. Yes, the entire thing is baffling, from the giant dancing teddy bears to Miley’s hair and wardrobe (and, ohhh that tongue)- […]