Lindsay Lohan Wants To Reward You

Because Lindsay Blohan loves making a scene and victimizing herself, she tends to publicize it whenever she has a personal item “lost” or “stolen.” Today, Lindsay is freaking s*** because she supposedly had her computer stolen in the Shanghai,China airport, and this said computer may or may not have nudies on it. She’s offering an […]

Lindsay Lohan is Getting Paid Again….

Apparently, Lindsay Lohan is getting paid to act again. Why anyone would still hire her for anything at all is beyond me, yet it keeps happening. Lindsay posted the above selfie to instagram the other day with some caption about being ‘back at work.’ Word on the street is that the ‘work’ is a legitimate […]

Oh Please God Let This Be True

Lindsay Lohan needs to pack it in an accept her fate. At this point, there is no getting around it, her career which has been slowly but surely spiraling down the drain since, well, Mean Girls really. We’ve been through break ups, lesbian relationship0s, drunk driving, rehab stints, court cases, mug shots, jail time etc […]

Oh man….

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player You know I have written this post a few times and no matter how times I wrote it, nothing was even as close to as funny as just watching the video itself and reflecting on these two fucking morons, so if anything, click here for the back story (wife goes […]

This is Some Balloon Boy Shit Right Here

You probably only know the names of Michaele Salahi and Tareq Salahi because of that time they tried to crash some party at the White House in an effort to garner themselves some publicity for their appearences on Real Housewives of DC. Reports surfaced yesterday that Michaele hasdbeen kidnapped and everyone is pretty quick to […]

All That Botox Isn’t Gonna Pay for Itself

I know for sure the first thing I would do after breaking off my engagement to a guy old enough to be my grandfather (and after releasing a piece of shit single on iTunes) is go have a bikini party with some other slut who is just as irrelevant as I am.  Crystal Harris teamed […]