I hate to say it, but, I might be kinda, sorta rooting for Lindsay…

So, as you may know, Lindsay Lohan’s big post-rehab interview with Oprah aired last night. After the last post I did on her (which maybe wasn’t really that nice), I hate to admit it, but….ugh, it seems like maybe this time is different- and I might be kinda sorta rooting for her. (BLERG. KILL ME […]

Lady Gaga Gets Topless & Looks Like She’s in ‘Spinal Tap’ for V Magazine

I just came across these photos of Lady Gaga for V Magazine. Lately, I’ve been thinking ‘KILL IT WITH FIRE‘ every time that I see Gaga, and I really wish she’d stop trying to show us her lady bits. These photos aren’t horrible. However, if I never had to see a photo spread of Gaga […]