Top Ten Miley’s Expletive Rant

We love it when stars get so incoherently schwasted that they rant about their dysfunctional relationship with their (much-hotter) ex-boyfriends while on stage with thousands of spectators during a sold out performance. So we’re really pleased to hear that Miley Cyrus not only stepped up to the plate and did exactly that during a performance […]

Dear Canada, You Can Have This Back.

Dear Canada, First we’d like to thank you for giving us so many great things through out the years, such as hockey,, and air hockey tables. However, we do have a bone to pick with you on one small matter- that being one of your citizens, named Justin Bieber. We understand completely that you’d […]

When Juggalos Sue…

TMZ is reporting an exclusive that since the US Federal government has labeled members and followers of the Insane Clown Posse have labeled them as a “dangerous gang,” ICP is suing all of their asses. As if this couldn’t get even more hilarious, here is the description at which the Feds described the Juggalos as […]


\ This storm coverage shit has been pissing me royally off. Don’t get me wrong, I do not underestimate the importance of preparation when it comes to whatever PMS fit Mother Nature chooses to throw at us. We only need to look back at what happened with Katrina to know that it’s imortant that the […]

The End Isn’t Near

If you’re anything like me, you probably really have no low down on this whole Rapture thing that all the Christians think is going down tomorrow and think Judgement Day was just the second installment in one of the great stories ever told in cinema history.  For those who don’t, you could hop over to […]

Yes, Have Some

May 6, 2011 New Rule – Pill Maher I have a close friend who’s mother, god bless her, is a complete and utter pill addict. Pills to wake up, pills to go to sleep, pills to be happy, pills to calm her anxiety, pills to ease her pain. I showed up to pick up my […]