Farrah Abraham’s awful ‘Days of Our Lives’ audition. (of course, she got the part)

Above is Farrah Abraham’s audition for Days of Our Lives, which might literally be one of the worst auditions I have ever seen. First- I don’t get the phone thing. Is she reading her lines off of her iPhone, or is she supposed to be acting pre-occupied by her phone in the scene? If the phone […]


It seems the TV gods have heard my tribal dances (and by tribal dances I mean me laying in front of my television while eating food that falls over my stomach and stains my shirt) and decided to respond answering my prayers in the form of stinking rotting trash to feed the garbage disposal that […]

This is Exactly What We Needed Today

Well I’m not dead but I had some fun with my mom last night by telling her I thought I had Lyme Disease, which is basically impossible, but that still didn’t stop her from freaking the fuck out.  Jokes aside though, I think I may actually have Pneumonia which isn’t very funny. I’m gonna put […]