Top Ten T. Swift Still Can’t Dance and Is Racist Now

t swift

Taylor Swift debuted her new music video for her single Shake It Off and it’s evident that she wasted a lot of money on all of those dance classes, because white girl still looks like a clumsy giraffe while dancing. She also pulled a Miley Cyrus and exhibited and reinforced multiple racial stereotypes in the video. Let’s have a look, shall we?

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Olympic Figure Skater Pulls a T. Swift

During the Grammy’s this year, Taylor Swift mistakingly thought she won a album of the year, only to realize that she lost to Daft Punk. And I don’t know about you guys, but her reaction almost made all of those sappy acceptance speeches given by T. Swift throughout the years worth while. Her jaw-drop on […]

T. Swift Hates Getting Nekid

Because T. Swift is the most unreasonably uptight person in “pop/country” music, next to Selena Gomez, it’s not much of a shocker that Taylor Swift openly admits that she hates getting naked and would rather stay fully clothed at all times. Only furthering our speculations that the reason she is so uptight and immature about […]

Taylor Swift Needs to “Tear Down This Wall!”

Because she doesn’t just like tormenting people with her love songs, Taylor Swift continued her reign of terror in Westerly Rhode Island by constructing a giant brigade that separates her mansion from the public beach alone. Girl is that concerned about trespassing, perhaps because her notorious “I Knew You Were Trouble When You Walked In” […]

Taylor Swift got caught saying STFU about Harry Styles to a super-hot Selena Gomez- Selena’s hotness being the more important story here…

The biggest story to come out of last nights’ VMAs, besides Miley’s baffling performance, is Taylor Swift getting caught on camera clearly saying ‘shut the fuck up,’ while her ex Harry Styles was presenting an award with the rest of his gay boy-band, One Direction. My first suggestion to Swift is: don’t date someone in a […]