Yeah I’m just gonna let this on speak for itself. Grandmother Assaulted at Dearborn Chuck E. Cheese’s DEARBORN, Mich. (WJBK) — It was a quiet, peaceful afternoon inside the Michigan Avenue Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in Dearborn Monday, but Sunday evening a full on brawl broke out inside. In the end, a woman celebrating her […]


I don’t drive. Actually I don’t even have a license let alone drive a car but if I did, you could bet your ass I would probably be arrested for driving my car drunk so it’s probably better for the safety of myself and others in the world that I stay the fuck off the […]

Hot for Teacher

I guess we can file this under Things Not to do From Your Work Computer, especially if you are a TEACHER. I’m no prude, but I think when it comes to what you do in the classroom and what you do in the bedroom, those things should have some sort of boundries between them. From […]

The Cat Came Back

It’s Friday. It’s been a long ass week. It’s time for a feel good story. When I was about 4 years old, my family moved across the area of town we were living in at that time, about 5 miles or so if I had to guess today and naturally, we brought our cat Kitty […]

Back to School Fun

From: http://www.kmph.com A Fresno Unified Teacher who taught kindergarten for more than two decades has been arrested on drug charges. Dorothy Ramirez, 53, was arrested Wednesday with a man who deputies say robbed three men at gunpoint. Detectives also say the longtime teacher at Easterby Elementary had methamphetamines and a weapon on her when she […]

Stage Collapse at Indiana State Fair is Completely Terrifying

I try to stay away from posting about sad shit, mostly because my life is already depressing enough with adding anything else into the equation but every once and awhile I suppose there’s an exception and this is one of them.   In all seriousness, insanely high winds yesterday at the Indiana State fair climaxed with […]

Kim Jong-iL Likes Big Macs as Much as I Do

One of the things I had in common with one of the few awesome ex-boyfriends I have is that we both love McDonalds. I don’t care if it isn’t meat. I don’t care it it’s bad for me. I don’t care that they market a deadly product directly to children. Yes, as I’ve gotten older […]