Justin Bieber Eggs a House

Because Justin Bieber loves proving that his pair still hasn’t dropped, he solidified this assumption tonight by orchestrating the most amateur prank known to man, egging a damn house. TMZ reports that around 7:30PM Thursday night a man heard loud thumping against his Calabasas house. Curious as to what he was, he proceeded to go […]

Guess what, guys?! Its already that time when Lindsay Lohan is making bad decisions again…

Ohhh Lindsay. Just the other day I wrote about how Oprah may have voodoo-magic-ed faith into me that you might do things differently this time, for your 100th chance to change, which was a very hard thing for me to admit. Now I am regretting all that writing I did, because you are already making […]

Lord Kanye is being sued over LAX pap scuffle- Videographer being represented by Gloria Allred

Back in mid-July, Lord Kanye West, ruler of all lands and sexer of Kardashian ass, was involved in a ‘scuffle’ with a videographer at LAX. The LA County District Attorney investigated the incident and declined to file felony charges, so the videographer is now filing a lawsuit- and is being represented by Gloria Allred. Word […]

‘The Big Reveal’ of the Kimye Spawn.

So, TMZ has up what they call ‘The Big Reveal’ of the spawn called North West, that was birthed because Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were putting their bathing suit parts together, which just seems gross. Anyway, those two people went to the doctor with said spawn (who was, of course, covered with a blanket, […]