Lisa Robin Kelly Died in Rehab

In other That 70’s Show alum news, Lisa Robin Kelly, who played Eric Forman’s older sister- but is better known for the alcoholic mess who has been arrested several times that she turned in to, died in rehab. The 43 year-old went into cardiac arrest in her sleep and could not be revived. Via TMZ: […]

Oh Man…

Celebrity Apprentice is one of the better reality shows if you ask me because it is the recipe for the perfect shit storm of assholes and hasbeens. It really doesn’t get much better in terms of celebrity delusion both in terms of their own perceived infamy and more importantly their own perceived intelligence. Because anything […]

Because George Luca Didn’t Already Ruin Star Wars Enough Already

You know know what George Lucas needs to make his New Years resolution? WRITE ANOTHER GOD DAMNED MOVIE and stop ruining one of the two series he was responsible for during his career From The holiday episode, which airs next Tuesday, will feature one of the show’s most surprising guest stars ever: Chewbacca from […]

Top Gun Auditions

You know when you start laughing hysterically and having fits so that you can’t breathe? That’s what happened when I saw this on Saturday night. Quality is a bit menh, but I was having trouble embedding the NBC one.