Guess what, guys?! Its already that time when Lindsay Lohan is making bad decisions again…

Ohhh Lindsay. Just the other day I wrote about how Oprah may have voodoo-magic-ed faith into me that you might do things differently this time, for your 100th chance to change, which was a very hard thing for me to admit. Now I am regretting all that writing I did, because you are already making […]


Theres nothing like settling in to a long flight, getting that little shitty over priced snack box and whatever budget scotch (doubles) they happen to have in the booze cart that day, only to discover that the pervert next to you and cued up some child porn as his own in flight entertainment. From […]

Britney Spears is a Two Face

Okay, I don’t want anyone to think I’m being critical of Britney Spears, because I actually like Britney Spears more than ever. Seriously, I think Britney Spears’ breakdown was the best thing that could have happened to her for her career. I think at that moment, she stopped being a pop star and started being […]

We All Need to Regulate

As far as I know, rappers are always trying to walk hard and prove how manly they are so the idea of one of them admitting to problem with erectile dysfunction seems a little far fetched to me except when you take into account that the only thing a rapper likes more than being thought […]

Life Imitating Art

And by art I mean the movie MANNEQUIN. Some horny bastard got the bright idea to dressup as a chick and hold really really still in hopes that he could hang out in a ladies restroom in disguise. Seriously, you can’t make this shit up. When security guards nabbed him after he emerged from the […]

Where the Fuck is PETA Now?

While PETA is soliciting and using professional athletes in their ads even though the balls they use are made of leather, they are letting shit like this slip through the cracks, which just goes to show these assholes really are all about publicity and very little real agenda behind the safety and protection of animals. […]