We Interrupt Today’s Program

Hey shitheads. I have to babysit all day, which sounds shitty but is actually kinda awesome because you really haven’t lived until you have spent a day with a three year old and made an entire mess in your apartment (until he leaves then you realize you have to clean it all.  I don’t know […]

Hey Assholes! We’re Back!

Did you miss me? I missed you. Long story short, I was fucking around on the back end and basically locked myself out of my own admin panel, which is the result of letting someone with an IQ of 12 have control of a small corner of the internet.\ But I’m back, and I’m here […]


As someone who is creeping up on 30 and doesn’t even have a drivers license, let alone own a vehicle (I’m assuming the BMX I have had since I was 14 doesn’t count) the idea of pistol whipping my mother because she wouldn’t co-sign on a Nissan with me seems a little foreign, but I’m […]

Gwyenth Paltrow is Stressed You Guys!

This whole obsession with celebrity that has snowballed in the last few years has unfortunetly set the wheels in motion for celebritries opening their mouth to talk to pretty much anybody who will listen, regardless of how irrelevant/pointless what they say has to be. It’s like that friend you have on twitter that you can’t […]


We don’t know if College Humor actually did this or if this is old or what, but some genius came up with the idea to edit all the clips from The Simpsons of McBain into one episode and if I have to explain to you who McBain is you should probably just close this window […]