Reese Witherspoon Learning TikTok with her Son

I’ve hated on Reese Witherspoon over the years a lot. It was mainly for her jogging for the paparazzi all looking like an entitled rich white mom, but it was also the fact that she trapped Ryan Philippe when he was slated to be a huge star, by becoming a mom, after getting knocked up […]

Shush Up – 11 Year Old in a Creepy Viral Song Video

This is the latest in viral videos featuring underage girls in a totally inappropriate setting because their parents want to exploit them and create the next Justin Bieber….and apparently Youtube wants to promote them also, because according to our friend who sent this to us, it was on the Youtube Mainpage. In what you would […]

Annnnnnnnd We’re Back

It never ceases to amaze me how fast Holiday situations seem to deteriorate. One minute everything is all festive and civilized and the next, it’s a family Christmas cage fight and you are alone drunk at a highway rest stop at 9am the on December 26th. That being said, we are easing into things slowly […]