Taylor Swift got caught saying STFU about Harry Styles to a super-hot Selena Gomez- Selena’s hotness being the more important story here…

The biggest story to come out of last nights’ VMAs, besides Miley’s baffling performance, is Taylor Swift getting caught on camera clearly saying ‘shut the fuck up,’ while her ex Harry Styles was presenting an award with the rest of his gay boy-band, One Direction. My first suggestion to Swift is: don’t date someone in a […]

Something Tells Me She Didn’t Have It Her Way….

It seems to be a slow day, mostly cause half the content I’ve found is April Fools related (lame!) or entire sites have just taken on April Fools pranks (http://www.urlesque.com and http://www.geekolgie.com were pretty clever).  That doesn’t help people like me that are trying to make a living much but hey I’m just one person. […]

Going, Going, Gone…

Before we say anything we will say that Christina Aguilera is one of the few pop stars who, though we never really enjoyed her music, did have a natural talent for singing and overall, we definitely hate her least. Still as long time oppose of the child slavery machine that is Disney we were always […]

We Needed This Today

We had a pretty rough day yesterday and there’s nothing like some Charlie Sheen to smooth out those spots and finish off the week on a high note.  What’s more, since he got sober, he’s been and endless source of entertainment and though we never thought an on the wagon Charlie Sheen could be more […]