What the Heck is a VSCO Girl??

Here is a relatively new term that I’ve heard a ton about but didn’t really know what it meant until I did some “research”. VSCO is a photo app similar to Instagram where teens use hundreds of filters on their photos, this has something to do with the name (obviously) because every vsco girl is […]

Kylie Drake

Drake is Apparently dating Kylie Jenner

Toronto rapper DRAKE who has blown the heck up since his Degrassi days is apparently dating Billionaire Bimbo Kylie Jenner. Kylie recently split-up with her baby daddy, rapper Travis Scott, and Drake has been linked with a bunch of “video girls” as they used to be called, he even got one pregnant and has 1 […]


Ten Things to get the NERD in your Life this Holiday Season

Everyone has at least one nerd in their family or friend group, while there a few things on this list you could get for many other types of people all of these are also nerd certified. I checked with a nerd before writing this, mostly because I wanted to know what to get them for […]

Sarah Hyland Ripping her Juul

Sarah Hyland Ripping her JUUL at Her Bridal Party

Modern Family star Sarah Hyland, who recently had a SECOND kidney transplant, also recently got engaged to her boyfriend Wells Adams, which is a weird name. Wells Adams is from the Bachelorette apparently. Lame all around. He also looks like a total trade. Anyway so Sarah had her Bridal party this weekend, and based on […]

offensive halloween costume

Cultural Appropriation Costumes to Offend your Friends

Yes, more halloween content. Who doesn’t love halloween! Here are some cultural appropriating or generally offensive costumes you can order last minute to wear to the halloween party you got invited to and offend all your friends! It’s fun! I also find it awesome that there are still so many bad costumes available for sale, […]

Round 3 of the Facetune Olympics is HERE

Welcome to the THIRD round of the Facetune Olympics, you can catch up on round one HERE and ROUND 2 HERE Instagram VS Reality never scared me so much.. Some MS Paint type of facetune Pic VS Video.. Face Slimmer but the chin is what scares me BLACKFISH – This girl is actually white. I […]

The Most Out of Pocket Shit You Can Buy on Amazon Right Now

Do you even just get stoned (Shouts out to legalization) and browse online shopping websites, end up buying some weird thing and get it in the mail the next day (shouts out to prime members lol)? Well I do, and I thought I’d share some of the weirdest shit I’ve recently ordered. Christmas is coming […]

rise and shine Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner wants to Trademark “Rise and Shine”

There is a video that Kris Jenner made viral, which follows Kylie Jenner into her daughter Stormi’s room and sings to her “Riiiiisee and Shiiiiineee”. The video has now been turned into multiple memes, merch like t shirts and hoodies, and a bunch of celebrities have remixed and featured the “song” on their own social […]

Safe Sex Top 5 Lubes

Top 5 Best Lubes on the Market Right Now

Sex is amazing, sometimes personal lubricant makes sex even better. Here are the top 5 BEST lubes on the market right now. We use Amazon here, and As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. It’s no doubt Amazon has the best prices and if you’re a prime member – free shipping. A lubricant […]