Food for Thought?

Have you ever noticed how whenever you read some dumb shit extended interview with whatever actress/female singer is popular at any given time, there seems to be a segment where her and the interviewer sit down for a meal and the bitch proceeds to drone on and on about what a healthy appetite she has?  […]

R.I.P Len Lesser

Pack up your tweed blazers, cardigans and under shirts because we are all going to a (virtual) senior citizen funeral.  It seems that God has done us all a disservice, because he is good at that, and taken someone we love from us too soon. has dropped the bomb (hey that rhymed!) that Len […]

How to: Courtesy of Michael Horwitz

There are three types of people in this world. 1) People who watched Arrested Development while it was on the air and weeped greatly over it’s cancellation 2) People who discovered Arrested Development only AFTER it had been cancelled but still love it as much as the early adopters 3) People that don’t like Arrested […]

The Bachelor Reaches New Highs/Lows

We are never surprised with what happens on The Bachelor and  the things these chicks do to ‘win’ the love of whichever man is chosen at any given time is pretty raunchy, and this is coming from a self-admitted slut (I fine with it, you should be too).  This week, on a group date (you […]

Charlie Sheen is the Smartest Motherfucker Alive

That, or he just has good lawyers. Apparently, old Chuck here and his handlers made sure when they were inking his deal for 2 and Half Men that they we’re sure to leave out any sort of ‘Moral Clauses’ within the contract and ‘engages in improper conduct that reflected badly on the show’, which is […]

Sarah Palin, We Salute You

It’s Sarah Palin’s birthday everybody. Don’t all cheer at once. I don’t think I can ever get tired of people making fun of Sarah Palin and the longer she’s around, the longer she will provide comedians and writers with grade A material to make her look like a fucking idiot, not that she really needs […]

She Can See Russia From Her Vagina!

I just finished watching Showgirls about 5 minutes before I found this video (yes I live the type of life where I watch Showgirls on Friday afternoons) so you can only imagine the sign-from-someone-somewhere-but-saying-what-and-to-whom thoughts that have been running through our since we watched it. I mean there’s divine intervention and then there is divine […]