Even the Candy Isn’t Safe!

For people like me, things like dirty candy hearts are as a part of my daily routine as dirty sex and whiskey with my lunch so this story doesn’t’ really come as a shocker and it’s actually kind of exciting, but for a 12 year old, who still holds her innocence and hasn’t been ruined […]

Oh No They Didn’t!

Yeah this one is going under WTF Celeb Couples. An unnamed source (isn’t that just always the way?) is flapping their gums over to the vultures at Us to let us all know that apparently the genitals of newly single Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn have lined up like the planets and to create the […]

That’s News to Me (Not Really Though)

I love TMZ as much as the next person, hell they employ numbers of people and pay them handsomely so idiots like me can link their stories  and make a living writing dumb shit, so hey no complaints here. It’s like a bizarre circle of life of which I am obviously the grass at the […]

Survey Says…

You can always count on Family Feud for someone to say something they shouldn’t which is probably why after all these years and like 4 hosts it is still on the air after all the time.  I think this video actually speaks volumes for the mindset of where people are at in America though and […]

And So the Plot Thickens. Literally.

If you remember from last week, which you probably don’t, you’ll recall a story we did regarding Slash’s wife Perla Hudson channeled her inner Flavor of Love hood rat and threw down on some groupie ho backstage at an Ozzy Osbourne concert in LA.   Well those crazy kids over at TMZ.com have dug up some […]

Gwyenth Paltrow is Stressed You Guys!

This whole obsession with celebrity that has snowballed in the last few years has unfortunetly set the wheels in motion for celebritries opening their mouth to talk to pretty much anybody who will listen, regardless of how irrelevant/pointless what they say has to be. It’s like that friend you have on twitter that you can’t […]


We don’t know if College Humor actually did this or if this is old or what, but some genius came up with the idea to edit all the clips from The Simpsons of McBain into one episode and if I have to explain to you who McBain is you should probably just close this window […]