It’s Only Rock N Roll, But I Like It

Slash’s Wife, who I don’t know anything about and you probably don’t either, just got ten thousand times cooler in my book and though I know fuck all about her, just being Slash’s wife kinda bumps her up on the scale, you know?  Anyways, it’s seems things got all rock ‘n’ roll backstage at an […]

Bitch Please of the Day

Because the nitwit TV and movie producers out there in Hollywood are too busy rolling around in giant piles of $100 bills on a daily basis to actually do some fucking work for once, they’ve decided to once again dive into the archives to remake some old shit in an attempt to keep the money […]

Ahhh the Good Ol’ Days

Watching this clip of the cunts from the Today Show talking about this “new thing” called “the internet” from 1994 is about as good as it gets when it comes to vintage videos hitting the net. Still, the more we thought about it, this probably happened during any monumental discovery over the course of mankind. […]

Why Are We Not Surprised?

It seems a $5000 necklace that was in the possession of Lindsay Lohan disappeared mysteriously (ie: not mysteriously at all) and then even more mysteriously ended up in the possession of one of Lindsay Lohan’s pals. Of course the necklace only materialized after a search warrant for Lohan’s house was issued, as there was confirmed […]

That Was a Short 15 Minutes

That Golden Voice guy (aka if Susan Boyle was a man from the ‘hood) is back in the news again, this time because his mother wants what any parent who in their hearts of hearts should want for their children and that’s for them to follow their dreams him to get himself and that voice […]

A Day in the Life….

For me, a day of celeb news without some of Charlie Sheen’s antics is like a good night drinking that doesn’t end with going home with a stranger – pointless.    Thankfully, the good folks over at have been using their investigatory journalisticisms to put together a recap of what Charlie Waffles (LINK) has been […]

Realhousewives Nonsense of the Day

These Real Housewives Shows are getting completely out of hand and we are beginning to think that the creators of these shows are completely scripting EVERYTHING (fights and all) that seem to be happening both on and off screen in an effort of generate ratings and keep people watching. The possibility of actual live women […]

Cat Fight Fantasy

Helen Mirren Better watch her back because Katy Perry is about strap on one of her cone bras, load up her rainbow glitter gun and be on the hunt all over the English country side for her ass. Mirren and Russell  Brand made no secret that they got close as of recently while filming the […]

Spit Don’t Swallow

With all the awards season nonsense and Oscar discharge buzz, it’s only fitting that the Huffington piece together what can only be described at some of the best cinematic scenes of the 21st century into one disgusting, 5 minute long clip.  It serves, if anything, as a visual reminder of how we as Famous Misfortune […]