Almost Speechless

I can’t even believe I am about to type these words but Charlie Sheen has executed an abundance of consideration and responsibility in relation to his ex Brooke Mueller this past week. What’s more, when presented with a perfect opportunity really go for the jugular in terms of the custody of their children Charlie actually […]

We Needed This Today

We had a pretty rough day yesterday and there’s nothing like some Charlie Sheen to smooth out those spots and finish off the week on a high note.  What’s more, since he got sober, he’s been and endless source of entertainment and though we never thought an on the wagon Charlie Sheen could be more […]

Charlie Sheen is the Smartest Motherfucker Alive

That, or he just has good lawyers. Apparently, old Chuck here and his handlers made sure when they were inking his deal for 2 and Half Men that they we’re sure to leave out any sort of ‘Moral Clauses’ within the contract and ‘engages in improper conduct that reflected badly on the show’, which is […]