Guess what, guys?! Its already that time when Lindsay Lohan is making bad decisions again…

Ohhh Lindsay. Just the other day I wrote about how Oprah may have voodoo-magic-ed faith into me that you might do things differently this time, for your 100th chance to change, which was a very hard thing for me to admit. Now I am regretting all that writing I did, because you are already making […]

Interview With John DeFazio, Cinematographer on The Canyons

My friend (and one of my favorite film bloggers), Chris McKittrick, has a great interview up with John DeFazio, cinematographer on The Canyons, over on his site Movie Buzzers. Sidenote: Chris once mentioned me in a review for a movie I was only in for like 3 minutes. He called me one of ‘the most subtly cleavagy nurses in movie […]


I was at La Ronde the other day, which is like a welfare version of Magic Mountain here in Montreal, and me and my friend wandered from the bar in the western town area into the arcade where, I swear on my life, Labor Pains (Lindsay Lohan’s straight to DVD movie) was available to win […]