The Bachelor. Here We Go Again.

And if you are as hateful of yourself and therefore criticle of others as I am, you probaably think this dude is as fucking ugly as I do. From what I understand, this dude proposed to the last Bachelorette and she shut his ass the fuck down (I mean really, can you blame her?) so […]

The Bachelor Reaches New Highs/Lows

We are never surprised with what happens on The Bachelor and  the things these chicks do to ‘win’ the love of whichever man is chosen at any given time is pretty raunchy, and this is coming from a self-admitted slut (I fine with it, you should be too).  This week, on a group date (you […]

Quitters Never Win!

Brad Womack, star of television’s The Bachelor wants us all to know that he “chose the right woman this time”, this time as in the second time because he already did this once and it didn’t work out, so he thought he’d cash another giant pay check start over and give it another go. If […]